Services We Offer:

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Classroom Guidance 

As the school counselor, I visit each classroom twice a month for classroom guidance lessons. During these lessons I use real life examples, books, and activities to teach the students about academic, personal/social, and career skills. These lessons guide the students to learn strategies that they will be able to take with them through life, in order to help them handle everyday situations in a smart, safe, and responsible way. For classroom guidance in January, the students will learn that it is ok to be yourself, and how to recognize their own interests, talents, and personality traits. They will also be reading A Bad Case of Stripes.

Small Group Guidance

Small group sessions are formed to guide those who participate to learn more specific skills. The counseling program has small groups on self-esteem skills, coping with stress skills, anger management skills, school success skills, and friendship skills. Group size ranges from 5-7 people, and they meet once a week for six weeks.  

Individual Guidance

I am available to work with students individually for those who need some extra or more specific guidance in situations found in everyday life. My door is ALWAYS open, so please encourage your child to come see me!

SES School Counseling Program


SES School Counseling Program's Vision Statement
The Swainsboro Elementary School Counseling Program’s vision is to provide their students with a comprehensive school counseling program that helps them to acquire academic, career, and personal/social skills. These skills will encourage all of the students to be lifelong learners and to reach for their fullest potential. The students will use the strategies learned from the school counseling curriculum, which is based on data from throughout the school year, to help them to exceed in their academics, relationships, home life, and future work or post-secondary education. This program encourages positive student growth, and achieves this through working with teachers, administration, parents, and the community.

The Swainsboro Elementary school counselor believes that:
  • All students are unique and should know their self-worth
  • All students have the ability to learn
  • All students can be responsible and productive
  • All students can achieve given the proper support and education
  • All students have the right to participate in a comprehensive developmental school counseling program delivered by a state certified, Master’s degree level school counselor
  • All students’ ethnic, cultural, racial, and sexual differences and special needs are considered in planning and implementing the school counseling program
  • All students learn better when they feel they are in a safe environment

SES School Counseling Program's Mission Statement
The mission of the Swainsboro Elementary School counseling program is to ensure all students receive a comprehensive, developmental school counseling program that concentrates on the academic, personal/social, and career development of all students. It is aligned with the missions of the Georgia Department of Education, the Emanuel County School District, and Swainsboro Elementary School. With this alignment, our program works to design and implement a program that supports the school’s learning environment, promotes the importance of students being lifelong learners, and teaches ethical behavior. The program partners with teachers, administrators, parents, and the community to nurture student growth and make certain that all students’ needs and future goals are being attended to. 


We LOVE Great Character!
At SES, we strive hard to promote positive behavior, good attendance, and reaching your fullest potential. To do this, we reward homerooms and individuals who have perfect attendance. SES wants all students and parents to understand the importance of school and attending every day.  Homerooms who have complete perfect attendance for a certain number of days will receive an ice cream party when they reach that goal.

Going along with this, having great character improves school performance as well. SES loves to reward those students who display great behavior every day, along with those who work hard to improve their behavior! Their rewards being named Student of the Week for their homeroom class (they get their picture displayed and a Student of the Week bracelet) and getting the wonderful honor of being their class's Student of the Month (they get invited to the Tiger Lunch party on the cafeteria stage which includes pizza and ice cream, their picture displayed in the front hall, and a Student of the Month bracelet)

Our Most Current Student of the Week List:
Week of Jan. 19 - Jan. 22

Our Most Current Student of the Month List:
SOTM - November